How I hired an amazing Digital Marketing specialist

Back in June 2016, I was looking for a digital marketing guy to take over our FB & Google Ads responsibilities.

But it’s difficult to gauge a person’s skills in digital marketing by just doing interviews.

So I had them do a case study, to be submitted on the same day.

Below is the case study:

TheLorry Digital Marketing Interview
Case Study – CuciPro

Jack is the owner of “CuciPro”, a home pickup and delivery carpet-cleaning service that operates out of Ampang, Taman Melawati, Wangsa Maju and surrounding areas.

His current tagline is “CuciPro – Senang. Bersih. Segar”

His basic modus operandi:

  • Customer calls in and makes a booking
  • Details are discussed via Whatsapp/SMS
  • An MPV is despatched to the customer’s house and 2 men will be deployed to remove the carpet from the owner’s property
  • Carpet is brought to a central office where it is washed, shampooed and dried
  • MPV is despatched again after 2-3 days to customer’s property after arranging the date/time with the customer
  • Payment is made
  • Customer is asked to leave a review via Whatsapp/SMS

CuciPro is primarily an offline business and does mostly flyers, bunting and word-of-mouth advertising.

Recently, he got an investment totalling RM500,000 to expand his business to whole Klang Valley with a mandate to introduce his services in areas such as Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Kajang, Cyberjaya, etc.

He would like to explore digital advertising to grow his business. You are given RM6,000 monthly budget to improve his key metrics. You are to run campaigns that focus on BOTH (1) Awareness and (2) Generate additional sales.

Below are some key details about his business:

  • number of calls per day = 30
  • number of Whatsapp/SMS per day =  10
  • number of bookings per day = 5
  • Current marketing spend a month  =  RM3,000
  • Number of staff =  5
  • Current revenue per month =  RM15,000
  • Revenue per booking = RM115


  1. His current logo is crap. Suggest to him a new logo concept that would fit his value proposition of “Senang. Bersih. Segar.”.
  2. Propose to him a new website domain that is available based on CuciPro name
  3. Suggest 3 different customer personas that would be interested to use his service. Details such as age, gender, income, location, occupation, interests would be good.
  4. Based on his nature of business, what would be the top 3 digital marketing channels that you would employ and why? (Facebook, Google Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Line, WeChat, Viber, Groupon, WhatsApp etc)
  5. How would you split the RM6,000 monthly budget between the 3 digital marketing channels and why?
  6. For each channel, create as many campaigns as possible that fit the marketing objectives (Total 3 campaigns minimum). Each campaign needs to have the below details (strike out if inapplicable):
    • Campaign objective
    • Campaign budget monthly
    • Target audience (as specific as possible)
    • Target locations (as specific as possible)
    • Ad Language
    • Target device
    • Target keywords or interests
    • Suggested advertisement copy (has to be within the guidelines. For instance Google AdWords, 25 characters for Titles). Please have multiple ad copies for each campaign so that internally we can do split testing. Ideally, you want to have different ad copies for each keyword/interest.
    • Suggested image (if any)
    • Any other cool extras that you can think of to increse overall conversion
  1. Jack would like to explore content marketing as well to attract would-be customers to use his services. Suggest 5 high-impact articles that would attract traffic.

To be submitted before Wednesday, 15th June, 5.00pm.

Good luck!

His slides:

His powerpoint design skills were crap.

But nevertheless – he was hired.


    This is great! Can we adapt this in hiring our digital marketer too? Minta izin

    Nurul Syafriza | 3 years ago Reply

    Genius. Never expected this is the playing level for VC-funded company. Thanks for the insights!

    Solo | 3 years ago Reply

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