11 Movies & Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch For Inspiration

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. There’s so much going on during the week you just need a “release” during the weekend.

Personally, I watch a lot of movies & shows just to do that. Here are some of my favourites that will leave you feeling inspired!

#1 Wall Street (1987)

My all-time favourite. Watch Gordon Gekko’s wheeling and dealing and the persistence of Bud Fox in getting a meeting with Gordon.

Favourite scene: The BlueStar Airline scene when they pumped the share price up, brought it back down and the commotion that followed.

#2 Narcos (2015)

Yes, this show is about drugs and crime. But Narcos is also an amazing depiction of entrepreneurship – how to build a network, formulating profitable strategies and thinking big.

Favourite scene: When Escobar told “Cockroach” that he hasn’t got vision. Cockroach was looking to sell product locally while Escobar wanted to export to the USA. “If it costs ten dollars a gram here… imagine how much it will sell for in Miami.”

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