11 Movies & Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch For Inspiration

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. There’s so much going on during the week you just need a “release” during the weekend.

Personally, I watch a lot of movies & shows just to do that. Here are some of my favourites that will leave you feeling inspired!

#1 Wall Street (1987)


My all-time favourite. Watch Gordon Gekko’s wheeling and dealing and the persistence of Bud Fox in getting a meeting with Gordon.

Favourite scene: The BlueStar Airline scene when they pumped the share price up, brought it back down and the commotion that followed.

#2 Narcos (2015)


Yes, this show is about drugs and crime. But Narcos is also an amazing depiction of entrepreneurship – how to build a network, formulating profitable strategies and thinking big.

Favourite scene: When Escobar told “Cockroach” that he hasn’t got vision. Cockroach was looking to sell product locally while Escobar wanted to export to the USA. “If it costs ten dollars a gram here… imagine how much it will sell for in Miami.”

#3 American Gangster (2007)


Another movie about drugs and crime but has general lessons such as leadership, loyalty and being humble & keeping a low profile.

Favourite scene: When Lucas head to Thailand to buy “Blue Magic” straight from the supplier and cutting out the middleman.

#4 Pursuit of Happyness (2007)


If you don’t cry after watching this movie, you’re not human. Watch this show whenever you’re feeling down.

Favourite scene: When he finally got the job.

#5 The Social Network (2007)


A fictionalised version of how Facebook started.

Favourite scene: When Zuckerberg met Sean Parker.

#6 Silicon Valley (2015)


Not only you will get some tips on how NOT to run your startup, this show will also make you laugh, hard.

Favourite scene: The “Mean Jerk Time” scene. Hilarious.

#7 House of Cards (2013)


Watch how Frank Underwood schemes his way from House Whip to President. I love how Underwood can wiggle his way out of difficult situations by being creative and utilising all his resource and connections.

Favourite scene(s): Doug Stamper’s loyalty to Underwood.

#8 Moneyball (2011)


A movie on baseball & statistics (sabermetric). Watch how Billy Beane build his team using data and win.

Favourite scene: The scene where Beane and Peter Brand trade players over the phone with other coaches.

#9 Godfather I & II (1972/1974)


Another classic I’ve probably seen more than 50 times. A story of principles, loyalty and strategy.

Favourite scene: The “Meeting of Five Families” scene.

#10 The Blacklist (2013)


In my opinion, Raymond Reddington is a pure entrepreneur. He has amazing connections, knows almost everything about the key players in his game and has the right vision in the pursuit of building his empire.

Favourite scene: All scenes where they mention “Kuala Lumpur”

#11 Boiler Room (2000)


Need inspiration on how to close sales from cold calls? Watch this show. The tactics are not ethical of course, but will leave you with some ideas.

Favourite scene: The Vin Diesel phone scene when he closed a deal.


Do you have suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!




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    Forest Gump is a must watch too :)

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